How did the idea of the Pink Floyd History project come about?

I started this project in 2001, when I wanted to tell a story about fame and fortune and start to study the lyrics from Roger Waters. Then I fell in love with the music of Pink Floyd and understood there was a 50 years story of beatiful music, but also story of the world, sotry of an evolution, story of the musicians themsleves. So I thought if there was a way to have people listen to great music and at the same time, try to catch all those stories behind the great music. And Pink Floyd History came to my mind.

How long have you been performing? Do you remember your first gig? What has changed over time?

We started in 2001. Our first concert was in the summer, in Tuscany, Italy. I was very nervous, and the same was the band and the actors. It was a musical, at that time. And it was a great success that suprised me. Overtime a lot has changed: we became older. We were 25, now we’re almost 50!!! And some people left, we gaind a lot of experience, we toured the world. Some of us have a family, children now.

Did you ever dream that more than 20 years on, the show would still be such a huge hit and resonate with audiences across the world?

Never. But – of course – I knew from the start that thier music (Pink Floyd) was eternal. What then surprised me was the huge feedback we received. Every concert was a standing ovation. And I am a great fan of concerts, it is not easy to have a standing ovation fron the audience! Still today, when I hear people going crazy for this show, I fell overwhelmed.

If you could say one thing to Roger Waters, David Gilmour, or Syd Barrett what would it be?

I’d like to thank them, not only for the music. As a young man I was very much influenced by their music and lyrics. As a man their music brought me to travel around the world, have experiences, meet people. I have to say that nothing would have happened without them.

If you had to pick just one, which would be your favourite Pink Floyd song?

Easy. Sheep, from the album Animals.

What can fans expect from the tour you'll be bringing to Zlín?

This is a new tour, a lot has happened since the last time we came, in 2019. We faced a Pandemic, we are faceing a war, some unpredictable events tourned upside down our lives. I think music shold relief us but also give us hope, joy, emotions, and I am sure this is exactly what this new tour will bring.



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