Stage11 is a production agency with 20 years of experience in the Live Entertainment industry.

Our shows masterfully retrace and recreate the unparalleled sound and atmosphere of great authors and their epoque. Artistic and technical excellence for a high quality show. We give you the chance to live history for a night. A memory also for those who have never been there. Thanks to its extensive expertise in the sector since 1998, its dedicated and creative team of professionals and its first-class shows, Stage11 guarantees an outstanding live entertainment experience.

Live stage shows of pure art, philosophy and experimentation, between iconic songs, impressive light shows, fascinating scenery and state-of-the-art visual effects.

Stage11 presents a wide variety of productions, including high quality tribute shows - Pink Floyd, ABBA, De André, Morricone, Battisti and authentic and original bands covering a wide range of genres from innovative electro-folk to latin and house.
Stage11 is constantly looking for brand new ideas and innovative products to introduce in foreign markets. Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries, proposals or requests for information about our company and products.

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Founded by Emiliano Galigani, producer and director of critically acclaimed works including "Faber Circus", "Welcome To The Machine” and the Italian tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, together with Simone Giusti, concert production manager for internationally renowned artists including Burt Bacharach, Neil Young, John Fogerty, Backstreet Boys, Damon Albarn, ZZtop, Billy Idol, Mark Knopfler and Lisa Stansfield, Stage11 aims to offer audiences an extraordinary and wide-ranging live experience with compelling, high quality shows.

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