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A symphony, an orchestra composed of 70 musicians, a rock band, a choir.

All together on stage to bring to life The Wall Live Orchestra, an ambitious show entirely dedicated to Pink Floyd’s famous concept album that has defined the history of progressive rock, transformed into a film in 1982 thanks to the genius of Alan Parker.

The Wall Live Orchestra is a Stage11 production of tremendous impact, offering audiences a spectacular and unique live performance experience, while faithfully retracing the story and themes of the monumental rock opera. A masterpiece filled with global issues and timeless characters that continue to resonate with today’s audiences, a story of loss and personal alienation juxtaposed against a backdrop of war and government corruption.

From the theatre to the big arena, the mix of rock and classical music, the live direction projecting the performance on the big screen behind the artists, and the extraordinary light show keep viewers on the edge of their seats, engaging and inspiring them from start to finish in an emotional and compelling performance

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