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abba dream



Relive 50 years of iconic and dance History

An exceptional and wide-ranging tribute to ABBA, the iconic Swedish band that during the 70s shocked the world music scene with beautifully harmonised songs still widely sung, loved and celebrated today.

ABBAdream is much more than a tribute to Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn. Widely performed all over Italy and abroad, Stage11’s production is an engaging and captivating live show, fun, unique and, above all, a faithful revival of the famous quartet.

The music, the voices, the original costumes give audiences the impression of having stepped back in the 70s, reliving one of the unforgettable original concerts that transformed the effervescent Swedish band into a myth.

Tech sheet

Band: 6 elements
Length: 100 min.
Production / Jan 2008

A production - 9 Muse, Rockopera, Vigna PR
Directed by - Emiliano Galigani
Video Production - Domenico Zàzzara
Production manager - Federica Moretti
Production assistant - Claudia Sturlini
Booking - Francesco Bertoncini


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