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morricone film history



The Movie History in an outstanding performance

Morricone Film History retraces the extraordinary career of the great Italian composer who recently passed away, through his most famous and meaningful soundtracks.

From Sergio Leone's westerns to the last works for Tarantino's Hateful Eight, a journey into the history of cinema that celebrates the intensity of an artist in constant evolution, always ready to explore and to seek the perfect musical key for any movie. An outstanding career awarded with two Oscars and a star on the Walk Of Fame.

Morricone Film History is the final step of an artistic and research path begun by Stage11 in 2016. Today the show reaches its highest point bringing on stage a homage to the genius of cinema music with a 30-piece orchestra. The show is more than an occasion to listen to the music of the master live, it allows the audience to take part to the historical change of his creations, thanks to video projections that follow the evolution of his collaborations.

Morricone Film History is the special event that pays tribute to the master's extraordinary career with the music that is part of our history.

Tech sheet

Orchestra & band: 31 elements
Length: 100 min.
Production / Aug 2020

Produced by - Emiliano Galigani, Simone Giusti, Federica Moretti
A production - 9 Muse, Rockopera
Directed by - Emiliano Galigani
Video Production - Domenico Zazzara
Production manager - Claudia Sturlini
Booking - Francesco Bertoncini


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