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genesi legacy



Dive into the History of progressive music, with this unique show.

From its birth to the moment Peter Gabriel left the group to pursue a solo career the band musically grew through the years: starting from pop it has progressively broadened its horizons with inspirations from classical music and from the innovative jazz of King Crimson, always returning a fascinating melodic narration.

The show allows the audience to listen to the extraordinary Genesis' repertoire while learning anecdotes of passion for music and the desire to go beyond the "song form". A life spent playing by a group of friends who remained so even after Gabriel dropped out.

The band has always increased the composition of the songs harmonically under the influence of Collins' complex patterns and the original technique by Steve Hackett as well as the classical training of Tony Banks, the unique style of Rutherford and the great narrative ability of Peter Gabriel who constantly keeps the melody in the foreground.


Tech sheet

Band: 5 elements 
Length: 120 min.
Production / Mar 2023

Produced by - Emiliano Galigani, Simone Giusti, Federica Moretti
A production - 9 Muse, Rockopera
Directed by - Emiliano Galigani
Video Production - Domenico Zazzara
Production manager - Claudia Sturlini
Booking - Francesco Bertoncini


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